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About Us

Dsirable is an independent Oslo-based cosmetics brand launched by Safaa K and our goal is to bring to light your natural glow!
Dsirable products are manufactured in organic farms neighboring Agadir in Marocco.
We work in collaboration with an agricultural apprenticeship program named «Al Oukhawa» exclusively made for women by women.
Dsirable is unwavering when picking only the highest quality ingredients into our recipes and strive to keep any additives to a bare minimum.
Enjoy the Glow !


Our Story

Get to Know Us :

The idea for Dsirable had been threading on Safaa´s mind for a long time. She was only fourteenth when she first envisioned her brand. It began simply; with a young girl, adolescent problem skin, some kind of miracle oil and a growing obsession.

Little did she know, the strange, little vial contained nothing other that 100% pure unroasted Argan oil... and from there on that would be the solution to all her problems!

As she grew older she deepened  her knowledge in natural cosmetics and continued developing her project, she didn't just want to sell beauty products, she wanted her brand to have a positive impact on the world. She wanted to be part of the change. 

It was serendipity which brought the strange little vial to her and which led her to its makers. 

In a small mountainous village behind Agadir stands a large farmland who'll welcome you with many, many, MANY strong ambitious, hard working female apprentice agriculturists. They know the argan business and specialize in crops for cosmetic purpose. Although still a young organization they have already developed a strong market base within Morocco.

What began by a focus on natural, high-quality, organic products suddenly took on a new dimensions.

We had also developed a business model around faire trade and gender equality.

We have now been able to create more job opportunities and create a more stable work environment for these women. Our three year journey has given us the pleasure to share high quality North African products within the Nordic culture and most importantly give back by creating work opportunities in Taroudant, near by Agadir Marocco.

This is why we are proud and honored to present our brand DSIRABLE by women for everyone. 

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